Alphabet Allie

“M” is for Mother’s Day

Alphabet Allie Stories Grade 4 Level Mother's Day Stories Mother's Day Story Challenge 2017

“It is the month of May,” said Alphabet Allie to her mother. “‘M’ is for month and also for May.”
“I love the month of May,” said Mother. “May is the month of Mother’s Day. ‘M’ is for Mother’s Day.”
“We should do something memorable for Mother’s Day,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘M’ is for memorable.”
“I know what we can do,” said Mother. “We can create a memory book. ‘M’ is for memory.”
“What a wonderful idea!” exclaimed Alphabet Allie. “We can go through the massive number of photographs we have. ‘M’ is for massive.”
“I will get them,” said Mother. “They are in a box marked ‘family photographs’. ‘M’ is for marked.”
Alphabet Allie and Mother made the most memorable memory book they could.
“‘M’ is for made and most,” said Alphabet Allie. “Happy Mother’s Day.”
“Thank you for making this the best Mother’s Day ever,” said Mother. “‘M’ is for making.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to make something memorable instead of buying something.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie helped Mother make a memory book for Mother’s Day.
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