Arrow and Cutie’s Road Trip

“What is going on?” asked Cutie a four year old cat.

“What are you talking about?” asked Arrow, Cutie’s older brother.

“I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about a road trip,” said Cutie.

“That is nothing new,” said Arrow. “Mommy and Daddy are always talking about going on a road trip. They love to travel.”

“Are they going to take us with them?” asked Cutie.

“Mommy and Daddy always take us on road trips,” said Arrow. “They love us and you should already know that.”

“I was just making sure,” said Cutie. “I don’t want to stay at home. I love going on road trips.”

“If you love road trips so much,” said Arrow. “Then why do you cry so much when Mommy and Daddy put you in the car?”

“I don’t know,” said Cutie.

“I think you do that just to get attention,” said Arrow. “You shouldn’t cry so much. It gets very annoying.”

Arrow and Cutie both saw Mommy and Daddy packing a suitcase. Then they saw them packing their cat toys and cat treats.

“Road trip time!” exclaimed Cutie.

Once Mommy and Daddy had the car packed up, they took Arrow and Cutie to the car.

“Road trip time,” said Daddy, starting up the car.

Mommy put some road trip music on. It was time to hit the road. It was a nice day for a road trip. The sky was blue and it was warm outside. Cutie started meowing, as per usual.

“Where are we going?” asked Cutie to Arrow.

“If you would stop meowing long enough,” said Arrow. “We might be able to find out. Sometimes though we go on road trips for a few minutes and other times we go on road trips for several days.”

“I hope we go on a long trip this time,” said Cutie.

“Me too,” said Arrow. “I love road trips.”

Both Arrow and Cutie were very excited. They could see the mountains up ahead. They loved the mountains.

“Looks like we are going to BC on our road trip,” said Arrow to Cutie.

“How do you know?” asked Cutie.

“Because we can see the mountains,” said Arrow.

“I wonder why we are going to the mountains?” asked Cutie.

“The mountains are very pretty,” said Arrow. “I was born in BC.”

“I was born in Calgary,” said Cutie.

“Well at least your were born out west,” said Arrow. “It is so much nicer out west.”

“What is it like out east?” asked Cutie.

“Too many cars, highways and tall buildings,” said Arrow.

“Oh,” said Cutie. “I think I would rather see the mountains than cars, highways and tall buildings.”

“Me too,” said Arrow.

Soon Arrow and Cutie fell asleep all curled up on the back seat of the car. They woke up however, just in time to see that Mommy and Daddy were driving on a ferry to go across a lake.

“This is fun!” exclaimed Cutie.

“Oh yes it is!” exclaimed Arrow.

The two cats were having so much fun. It was just a short ferry ride but they enjoyed it immensely.

After the ferry ride, Daddy stopped the car a little ways up a dirt road.

“We are here!” exclaimed Mommy.

Arrow and Cutie looked around. It was dark but they could see the lake they just crossed and the mountains on both sides of the lake.

Mommy and Daddy took Arrow and Cutie out of the car and took them down to the cottage they had rented for a week.

“Look at this place,” said Arrow, running from room to room to check it out.

“I know,” said Cutie. “I love it here.”

Arrow and Cutie were staying at a cottage in Adams Lake, BC. Mommy and Daddy were on vacation for a week.

“You two behave in here,” said Daddy while he and Mommy unloaded the car.

Arrow and Cutie were too busy investigating the cabin to listen to Daddy. They loved the cabin. It was beautiful.

It was hard for Arrow and Cutie to sleep that first night but eventually they did fall asleep. Halfway through the night, Cutie heard something outside. She went over to her brother, who was sound asleep. She swatted him to wake him up.

“Why did you wake me up?” asked Arrow. “I was sound asleep.”

“Shh,” said Cutie. “I hear something.”

“It is probably a bear,” said Arrow. “Go back to sleep!”

“How can I go back to sleep now?” asked Cutie. “I want to see the bear!”

“Oh no you don’t,” said Arrow.

“Why not?” asked Cutie.

“Because a bear will eat you up for a snack,” said Arrow.

“Well,” said Cutie. “That sounds like a very mean thing for a bear to do.”

“Oh believe me,” said Arrow. “Bears can be very mean.”

Arrow and Cutie did hear a bear that night. Mommy and Daddy saw it’s paw prints on the beach the next morning. They made sure that Arrow and Cutie stayed inside the cabin.

The next night, Cutie did see the bear out the living room window. She wasn’t afraid of it. She wasn’t afraid of anything. However, Arrow was afraid of it. He went into the bedroom and jumped up onto the bed. He curled up right beside Mommy and fell asleep. He knew he was safe.

“What a brother I have,” said Cutie to herself. “He is scared of a bear.”

Cutie continued to watch out the window and she did see the bear open his mouth and yawn. She did see the big teeth he had in there.

“Maybe Arrow has the right idea after all,” said Cutie, running into the bedroom to be with Mommy, Daddy and Arrow.

The two cats had such a wonderful time on their vacation. They were very sad to see it come to an end. They can’t wait until their next road trip.

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