Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 17 – Meeting David

Dear Diary,

I have waited for this day for 160 years. I have a chance to meet with David, a long lost possible relative.

First thing, I am so nervous and I am not sure why. I want David to like me. I want him to accept me for who I am and I am so afraid that he won’t. I am so afraid that David will take one look at my ugly monster face and run away and never come back. If that happens, I will never find out anything about my family and what became of them.

Second, what if David isn’t my relative at all. What if he has looked up the wrong Victor. If he isn’t my relative, I will have to live with the fact, my entire family are gone for good. In the 160 years I have been put under that spell from Helga, I have not ever given up hope that some day I would meet someone from my family.

I have all this fear and excitement going on and it is a bit overwhelming. I came to the conclusion that if David is my long lost relative, I need him to accept me the way I am. I need answers to questions that have been burning in my mind for years.


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