Police Report – Day 7

I saw the Happy Balloon Family floating through the sky. I asked if they had heard about the disappearance of Jesse and JD. They had heard about it but they knew nothing about it themselves. Being balloons and flying through the air, they don’t get much of a chance to listen to music, let alone a radio station. I have crossed them off my list of suspects.

Daddy Balloon did say they would keep their eyes out for anything suspicious. I was grateful for that and I asked if they wouldn’t mind doing some undercover surveillance for me in this investigation. They may prove to be very helpful to me because they can float by without someone hearing them. I asked them if they could keep an eye out at the airport for me. They said they would.

I am getting quite frustrated over this case. Nobody has heard a word from Jesse and JD since their disappearance a week ago. Jesse and JD have not used their bank cards or credit cards. They have not used their cell phones. I do hope I get a solid lead on this case soon enough.

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