Police Report – Day 6

Got a call from a Storyland character that told me he had concrete evidence about the disappearance of Jesse and JD. He told me he would give me all the information I needed. All I had to do was bring a huge bag of candy with me. I thought that was fair and if this was enough information to crack the case wide open, it would be worth a bag of candy. I was to sit on a park bench in downtown Banff, Alberta waiting for this Storyland character to show up.

I arrived in Banff and sat at the designated waiting spot and waited. I waited for what seemed like an hour but it was actually only 30 minutes.

I saw Creepy Creature approach me. I could see he was eyeballing the bag of candy. He approached the park bench grabbed the bag of candy and took off. He was very quick on his feet and was out of sight in minutes. I figured he was just looking for a way to get a bag of free candy.

Creepy Creature probably had no idea who Jesse and JD were. I don’t think Creepy Creature had any information to share with me. I also don’t believe he is a suspect. I crossed him off my list of suspects.

I could have gone after Creepy Creature and charged him with theft. However, that would have meant a chase through Banff and possibly the mountains. Creepy Creature had already wasted enough of my day.

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