Police Report – Day 5

Very busy day today. Met with Jackie Jester to find out if he knows anything about the disappearance of Jesse and JD. He lives in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I really didn’t think he knew anything but it is always good to ask anyway.

Jackie is a prankster and because of it being April Fool’s Day, I was very careful of what I believed from him. I was correct in my assumption that Jackie wouldn’t know anything. He said he would keep his eyes and ears open and would let me know if he heard anything. I crossed Jackie off my list of suspects.

I must have fielded over twenty prank calls. Storyland characters, most of whom I had already crossed off my list of suspects, called in to tell me they had spotted Jesse and JD. Not one reported sighting was anywhere close to being legitimate and all it did was tie up my resources the entire day.

Jesse and JD were spotted sipping tea in a local coffee house. They were spotted walking downtown singing at the top of their lungs. They were spotted in the laundromat. They were spotted at the Saddledome. They were spotted in several malls.

It was very frustrating trying to deal with these prank calls and following up on them. Today was a washout. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

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