Police Report – Day 8

I flew to Kamloops, BC to speak with a few Storyland characters there. There sure are some very interesting characters in Storyland.

Caveman Jack was out roaming around the mountains. He didn’t speak much, only grunts and groans. I showed him a picture of Jesse and JD. He stared at it blankly. I tried taking the picture back but he wouldn’t let go of it. He kept turning it over and over in his hands. I realized that he had never seen a photograph before. I also realized he had probably never heard a radio before. I let Caveman Jack keep the picture. I crossed him off my list of suspects.

Saw Hillbilly Bob. Now, that guy is hilarious. He told me he only listens to country music. He said he tried converting over to rock’ n roll because he really liked the beat of it. He said those FOO FIGHTERS were an awesome band but his parents got it in their heads that the FOO FIGHTERS were FOOD FIGHTERS and they throw food around on stage. He said his parents thought that any band that throws food around are just working for the devil. I crossed Hillbilly Bob off my list of suspects.

I spoke to the Troll Family. They said they listen to country music but they do have a distant cousin, Billy Troll, who sings rock ‘n roll. The last they heard was that Billy Troll was trying to get two DJ’s from Calgary to play his new song. I showed them a picture of Jesse and JD. They didn’t know who they were. I explained that they were the DJ’s from Calgary that their cousin was trying to get to play his new song. I also told them Jesse and JD did finally play it. Daddy Troll immediately went to his computer and found CJAY 92 on iHeart radio. Billy’s new song was playing They were very excited. They told me they hoped I find Jesse and JD soon. I crossed them off my list of suspects.

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