Bluey Bluebird – Character Insight

Meet Bluey Bluebird, the cheerful new friend from Storyland! Bluey loves to perch on a fence post, watching the world go by. She’s always smiling and ready to chat with her forest friends. Everyone says she’s as sweet as a blueberry, and that’s no surprise because blueberries are her favorite treat!

Bluebirds are truly stunning, with feathers the most beautiful shade of blue. Have you ever seen one sitting on a fence post? They’re a lovely sight! Blue is a special color, isn’t it? It’s also my favorite color, which is why I love bluebirds so much.

That’s why I created Bluey Bluebird. She’s here to spread joy and laughter, to make our world a brighter place. With her sunny personality and funny jokes, Bluey brings a splash of color and a ray of sunshine to everyone in Storyland.

What we know about Bluey Bluebird so far:

  • Created on April 17, 2018.
  • Lives in Kamloops, BC.
  • Bluey has a passion for collecting shiny objects, especially those that reflect the blue of her feathers.
  • She has a melodious singing voice that can brighten even the gloomiest day in Storyland.
  • Bluey aspires to travel beyond the forests of Kamloops to share her stories and joy with creatures around the world.
  • Despite her cheerful exterior, Bluey is secretly afraid of thunderstorms, as they make her feel isolated and vulnerable.
  • She values loyalty and trust above all, and her closest friends know they can always count on her for support.
  • Bluey is known for her insightful advice, often sprinkled with humor to lighten the mood.
  • She has an inquisitive nature and loves to learn new things about the world and her friends.
  • Bluey is incredibly patient, often seen waiting calmly for her friends to join her on the fence post.
  • No matter the situation, Bluey always looks on the bright side, believing that every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Favourite quote: “I like to see you smile.”

List of Bluey Bluebird’s Family Members:

  • Bluey Bluebird does not have any family members on Storyland.


  • Bluey loves the fresh feeling of dew on her feathers at sunrise.
  • She enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of solving a problem.
  • Music helps her to smooth the rhythms to match her cheerful demeanor.
  • Bluey loves tending to flowers, especially bluebells.
  • On clear nights, Bluey adores watching the stars twinkle.


  • Bluey does not like anything that harms her natural habitat.
  • She prefers natural treats over processed ones.
  • She despises thunder.
  • Loud noises in general are unsettling for her.

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