Vamp’s Valentine Surprise

Vamp lives in a castle in Transylvania. He is a young vampire. He is not an evil vampire but a good vampire. Vamp lives with his sister, Melinda, who is also a good vampire.

Vamp worked very hard as an assistant at the hospital and also doing good deeds for the community that he always put others in front of him. Melinda noticed that Vamp was getting worn out and seemed to be very tired these days. He never seemed to do anything for himself.

Melinda, who also worked at the hospital, knew that there was a young girl, Tracey, that just started working at the hospital and had just moved to Transylvania. Melinda decided she would try to set her brother up for a blind date on Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Vamp had already met Tracey. Tracey was in one of the hospital rooms working with a patient. Vamp came in just in time to see Tracey trying to suck the blood of the patients neck.

“You are a vampire,” said Vamp.

“Well, yes,” said Tracey. “I am. I do hear that there are a few good vampires around now that are trying to do good deeds. Vampires are evil and have always been evil.”

“I see,” said Vamp, walking out of the hospital room, without saying a word.

Melanie met Tracey in the cafeteria the day before Valentine’s Day.

“Tracey,” said Melanie. “I know you are new to Transylvania so I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with my younger brother.”

“What is he like?” asked Tracey, half-interested.

“Well,” said Melanie. “I think he is very handsome. He has short black hair, blue eyes and the sweetest smile you would ever see.”

“Okay,” said Melanie. “I would love to meet your brother.”

Melanie and Tracey discussed plans for Valentine’s Day. They decided that Tracey would come over to the castle and Melanie would have a nice romantic dinner cooked for her and her brother.

“Vamp,” said Melanie, Valentine’s Day morning. “I am having someone come over to meet you and have dinner with you tonight. Is that okay?”

“I guess it is okay,” said Vamp, not really wanting to go on a blind date but also not wanting to hurt his sister’s feelings.

Vamp came home from work that evening and went to his room, where Melanie had his best suit all laid out for him. When he came downstairs, he saw someone sitting at the dining room table. He saw the beautiful curly hair from the back. Tracey turned around and when Vamp saw who it was he gasped.

“Why did you run out on me the other day?” asked Tracey.

“Well,” said Vamp. “I am one of those good vampires that you so much dislike.”

“Oh,” said Tracey. “And Melanie is one too, I suppose.”

“Yes,” said Vamp. “She is my sister after all.”

Vamp went to get Tracey’s coat because he did not think that she would want to stay for dinner now that she knew who he was.

“Here is your coat,” said Vamp.

“Are you asking me to leave?” asked Tracey, confused.

“No,” said Vamp. “I just assumed that you wouldn’t want to spend time with a good vampire.”

“Well,” said Tracey. “Even though you are a good vampire, I do kind of think you are cute.”

Vamp and Tracey did have a really wonderful evening together. They talked in length about what Vamp and Melanie do that makes them a good vampire and then they talked about what makes Tracey a bad vampire.

“I’d like to learn more about your ways,” said Tracey, as she was leaving that evening.

“You would?” asked Vamp.

“Yes,” said Tracey.

Vamp gave Tracey a kiss and a hug before she left.

“Come have dinner with me again soon,” said Vamp. “I will teach you more about my ways.”

“Okay sure,” said Tracey, really liking the kiss and hug she got from Vamp.

“So Tracey says that the both of you had a good time last night,” said Melanie to Vamp in the morning.

“Yes we did,” said Vamp, and then muttering to himself. “Considering our vast differences.”

Vamp didn’t want to tell Melanie that Tracey was a bad vampire. He thought that Tracey should be the one to tell her that.

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