Bear’s Happy Valentine’s Day

“What are you doing?” Racum Raccoon asked Bear, who was sitting on a log, crying his eyes out.

“Crying,” sobbed Bear.

“I know that,” said Racum. “But why are you crying?”

“Melissa doesn’t like me,” cried Bear. “I thought she was going to be my one true love.”

“How do you know that?” asked Racum. “Everyone knows Melissa likes you a lot.”

“I was going to ask her to the Valentine’s Day dance,” said Bear.

“Well, what was stopping you?” asked Racum. “Or, let me guess.”

Racum suspected that his friend was having problems with Melissa, all because of one animal in the Big Dark Forest, Theodore Bear. Theodore Bear is new to the forest and is also very intimidating. Racum knew that Theodore would like nothing more than to cause trouble between Bear and Melissa.

Bear and Melissa have been friends forever. They do everything together. The study together, they play together and they even take long walks together. Racum has noticed that ever since Theodore moved into the forest, Melissa has been spending less time with Bear and more time with Theodore.

“Have you asked Melissa to the dance?” asked Racum.

“No,” said Bear. “Not yet.”

“Well don’t you think you should?” asked Racum.

“What if she says no?” asked Bear.

“She might,” said Racum. “But more than likely she’ll say yes.”

“You think so,” said Bear.

“Yes,” said Racum. “I do think so.”

The next day Bear saw Theodore and Melissa walking through the forest. Theodore was yelling at Melissa and Bear saw Melissa crying. He saw Theodore walk away and leave Melissa all by herself.

Bear went over to Melissa and put his paw around her.

“What is wrong?” asked Bear.

“Well,” said Melissa. “Theodore told me I can’t hang out with you anymore and I got really upset and started crying.”

“Why did he say that?” asked Bear.

“He wanted me to go steady with him,” said Melissa. “Then he wanted me to stay away from all my friends.”

“That isn’t very nice,” said Bear.

“I know,” cried Melissa. “I told him I didn’t want to go steady with him if that is the way it was going to be.”

“Melissa,” asked Bear. “Would you go to the Valentine’s Day dance with me?”

“I’d love to,” said Melissa. “You could also walk me home too, if you’d like?”

“I’d love to,” said Bear, giving Melissa a little kiss on her cheek. “You are my one true love!”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is true love after all.
  • Example: Bear was jealous of Theodore Bear because Melissa had been spending a lot of time with him.
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