Car Races

Hi everyone! I just can’t wait to tell you about my latest adventure. I went to the Kawartha Downs Race Track this past Friday night. Kawartha Downs is just outside of Peterborough, Ontario, on Hwy. 28.

I had never been to an actual car race before. I have been to the Daytona International Speedway race track, in Daytona, Florida when I was about nine years old, but there was no race going on at that time.

Just walking through pit row to get to my seat was exciting enough. Being right up close to a real race car, that was awesome. Some cars had their hoods up and some cars were getting new tires put on them. I could see the drivers wandering here and there.

Once I found my seat, I decided I would go get something to eat. I guess I should have eaten before I got to the race because the concession stand was packed. I had about an hour before the race began and by the looks of the lineup I was going to need that whole hour.

I was finally able to return to my seat with a hot dog and a cold drink. I had about ten minutes before the race began.

The announcer came on and welcomed everyone to the race. A prayer was said for the safety of the drivers and then someone sang the national anthem.

The qualifying heats were a bit boring but exciting at the same time. I guess the reason they were boring is because they seemed to go on for ever.

At last the main event begun. There were about 24 cars at the beginning of the race. These cars were modified stock cars. They ran on methanol instead of regular fuel. I was amazed at the speed these cars. They went very fast. They were also very loud. It was a good thing that I had ear plugs with me.

I saw one car that I really liked, number 94. It was a dark blue colour. I decided that I wanted that car to win.

I was surprised to learn that the driver of car number 33 was female. I thought that car racing was a very dangerous sport and not a sport for women to compete in, but to each his or her own. I did like her car. It was gold in colour and seemed to stand out from the rest.

About ten minutes into the race, there was a major crash involving about seven of the cars, each of which were towed off the track. One of the cars was really badly damaged. It must have been the car that knocked the cement barrier out of place. It was amazing that nobody was seriously hurt although, I did hear afterwards that one of the drivers broke his toes and his ankle.

The rescue team was on the track immediately and within half an hour the race had continued. Several more smaller crashes took place but it really was no wonder. Those cars are fast. I heard that those types of cars can go as fast as 170 miles per hour!

Near the end of the race, it was getting hard to tell which car was winning. I was delighted to find out that number 94 won!

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