No Power

I was in the midst of working on my computer when the power went out. It was weird because it is a nice sunny day, no clouds in the sky, no storms brewing. A perfect day one would think to not have to worry about the power going out.

“Wonderful,” I thought to myself, walking away from the computer. “Now what will I do?”

I went over to our neighbour to see if their power was out and sure enough it was. Apparently someone hit a pole and there was no estimated time of repair.

“Wonderful,” I thought to myself again. “Now, what will I do?”

“Well I could clean the house, to a point,” I thought to myself. “I can probably wash the dishes and sweep the floor and dust the furniture. The bathroom really needs to be cleaned so I can probably do that. I thought about putting a load of laundry in the wash. Nope, that was a dumb idea. You can’t run a washing machine without power. I do have to get supper started too. Oh, wait, I won’t be able to cook. There is no power. Hmmmmm I smell take out tonight. I went to use the phone. Oh, oh, the phone doesn’t work. I tried my cell phone. Oh, oh their is no time left on it. Now, what will I do?”

I am hoping the power will come back on shortly so I can at least make something for dinner. I fiddled around for about an hour, cleaning up the house as best as I could, without power. It is amazing what you can do with no power. However, you are limited. At least the power outage occurred during the day so that I was not in the dark.

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