Fishing is Relaxing

Poor Mountain Father had been working so hard on the ranch the last few days that Poor Mountain Mother thought it would be a good idea for him to get away for an afternoon and go fishing. Poor Mountain Father thought this would be a wonderful idea. He was exhausted after all and he did want to get away.

Poor Mountain Father decided he would take Poor Mountain Brother with him for company. He thought it would be good for father and son to do some fishing and spend some quality time together.

“Are you ready to go?” asked Poor Mountain Father at the bottom of the steps.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Brother, coming down the stairs. “Oh wait, I have to get my rubber boots.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I will meet you in the truck.”

Poor Mountain Father waited for about ten minutes outside in the truck. He was getting anxious to go so he went back inside the house to find out what was taking Poor Mountain Brother so long.

“Poor Mountain Mother is just making us some sandwiches,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Father grabbed some extra lures and some spare fishing line while he waited. A few minutes later, Poor Mountain Brother was finally ready to go. It was about a half an hours drive to the lake that Poor Mountain Father liked to fish in. It was a really nice day for a drive so Poor Mountain Father didn’t mind the drive at all.

Poor Mountain Brother was getting hungry so they decided to eat before they went fishing. It was another half an hour later and they were finally standing on the dock getting their fishing rods ready. Poor Mountain Brother was having a bit of a problem putting his lure on the fishing line so Poor Mountain Father stopped working on his fishing line and helped Poor Mountain Brother with his. A half an hour later Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Father had their rods in the water.

The two stood on the dock for about fifteen minutes, rods dipped in the water, both just staring out over the lake and both thinking of how peaceful and relaxing it was to be able to get away to go fishing for the afternoon. Just after that, a big black cloud came out of nowhere and it started to pour rain.

“Come on,” said Poor Mountain Father. “There is no sense getting soaked.”

Poor Mountain Father was just reeling his rod in when Poor Mountain Brother felt a tug on his rod.

“I think I got something,” said Poor Mountain Brother, excitedly.

Poor Mountain Father coached his son on how to pull the fish in up out of the water and onto the deck.
It was a really good sized trout.

“Are we keeping him?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“We are too,” said Poor Mountain Father. “This fish is big enough for all of us to have for dinner tonight.”

“Yummy!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Brother went home and took their trout with them. Poor Mountain Mother cooked it for their dinner.

“We should do that again soon,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We definitely should.”

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