Mommy Please!

Slow Poke Duck was outside walking around the front lawn, when a leaf fell right on top of his head.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Slow Poke, looking up into the tree that was right above him. ”Mrs. Squirrel, what are you doing up there?”

”I’m collecting acorns,” Mrs. Squirrel said.

“Why do you collect acorns?” asked Slow Poke. ”I collect comic books.”

“Squirrels and chipmunks have to collect acorns and store them away for the winter,” said Mrs. Squirrel. ”That is what we eat during the cold winter.”

”Oh!” laughed Slow Poke. “I thought you meant that you collect them as a hobby.”

”No you silly thing,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “I’m sure I could find a better hobby than this!”

Slow Poke went into the barn to find his Mother.

“Mommy, how come ducks don’t have to store food away for the winter, like chipmunks and squirrels do?” Slow Poke asked.

”Well, what would ever make you ask such a question?” his Mother asked.

“I saw Mrs. Squirrel outside,” said Slow Poke. ”She told me about it.”

”There is actually a very good reason why ducks don’t have to store food away for the winter,” said Slow Poke’s mother. ”The first reason is because we get our food right from Farmer Jim. We don’t have to scrounge around for our food and that is because we are domestic ducks.”

”Domestic ducks?” asked Slow Poke. ”What does that mean?”

”Domestic animals live on a farm like we do,” said Slow Poke’s Mother. ”There are ducks that live in the wild. Those ducks have to find their own food. However, they don’t stay up here in the north for the winter months. They fly down south every winter.”‘

“They do!” exclaimed Slow Poke. ”Why?”

”It is warm down south all year long,” said Slow Poke’s Mother.

“it is!” exclaimed Slow Poke.

“Yes,” said Slow Poke’s Mother. “There is no snow down south, either.”

”Can we go down south?” Slow Poke asked. “I’d like it where there was no snow!”‘

“Maybe some day!” exclaimed Slow Poke’s Mother. ”Maybe some day!”

“Mommy, please,” begged Slow Poke.

”You know something, Slow Poke,” said Slow Poke’s Mother. “I do have some relatives down south that I haven’t seen in years. Yes, maybe we will go down south this year.”

“Are your relatives wild?” asked Slow Poke.

“They’re wild,” laughed Slow Poke’s Mother. ”But not in the way you mean.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Some animals have to store food for the winter.
  • Example: Slow-Poke finds out that Mrs. Squirrel stores food away for the winter.
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