”Mommy!” exclaimed ten year Susan. “Can we go to the park today?”

“We’ll see how Mommy feels later on today,” said Mommy from her bed.

”Are you sick again today?” asked Susan, with tears welling up in her eyes. ”Is the cancer hurting you again?”

”Susan,” said Mommy, weakly. ”Yes, I am sick again today and yes, the cancer is hurting me. Please remember what I’ve been telling you. You have to be brave and you have to be strong. Daddy needs you to be strong. Now, go get my wheel chair. We are going to the park.”

Susan’s Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about a year ago. She has been really sick for the past month or so.

“Look Mommy,” said Susan, pushing her Mother’s wheel chair around the park. ”Look at the butterflies!”

One of the butterflies landed right on the arm rest of the wheel chair.

”Oh how beautiful!” exclaimed Susan’s Mother. ”You know Susan. This is just what I needed today! I feel a little better.”

”Oh Mommy!” exclaimed Susan. ”That’s great!”

“You know these butterflies are God’s creatures,” said Susan’s Mother. ”Just like you!”

”And just like you,” said Susan. “You are God’s creature, too.”

”Yes,” said Susan’s Mother. “And God can perform miracles, too.”

As soon as Susan’s Mother said that the butterfly flew away.

”You know,” said Susan’s Mother. “Something is a little strange. I feel so much better now!”

“Maybe God put a miracle in that butterfly,” said Susan.

“That could very well be,” said Susan’s Mother.

“Look Mommy,” said Susan. ”All the butterflies are gone.”

Susan’s Mother had the best sleep that she had ever had in the past year, that night.

“I just can’t explain it,” said Dr. Sellers the next day, to Susan’s Mother and Father. ”Your cancer is completely gone.”

“There is only one explanation for all of this,” said Susan’s Mother. ”It’s a miracle from God.”

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