Car Troubles

”Troll Daddy,” said Troll Mother as Troll Daddy was coming into the kitchen. “Can you take me to the grocery store? I have a few things to pick up.”

”Sure I can,” said Troll Daddy. “Just let me wash up first.”

”Okay,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Mother put her shoes and coat on.

”Troll Sister,” called Troll Mother.

“Yes,” said Troll Sister coming into the kitchen.

“Troll Daddy and I are going to the grocery store,” said Troll Mother. “Can you please watch Troll Baby for me?”

”Sure,” said Troll Sister.

Troll Daddy took Troll Mother to the grocery store and when they came out, their car wouldn’t start.

”Oh dear,” said Troll Daddy. ”This car has been running so good lately. I wonder what the problem could be.”

”Well,” said Troll Mother. “Maybe it’s just a loose wire or something.”

“I was fiddling around with it before I brought you out,” said Troll Daddy, getting out of the car. “Slide over to the drivers seat and when I tell you to turn the key, then do it.”

Troll Daddy lifted up the hood of the car. He couldn’t see anything that looked like it was loose.

”I don’t see anything loose,” said Troll Daddy through the drivers window. “What could be the problem?”

“Oh, oh!” exclaimed Troll Mother, who just happened to glance at the gas gauge. ”I think I know what the problem is.”

“You do,” said Troll Daddy.

“I think we are out of gas,” said Troll Mother.

”Oh dear!” exclaimed Troll Daddy, looking at the gas gauge. “I think you are right.”

Troll Daddy walked over to the gas station, which was right beside the grocery store and got some gas. The car started right up after that.

“I thought for sure we had enough gas,” said Troll Daddy. “I guess I was wrong. We’re lucky that the gas station is right here.”

“Yes we are,” said Troll Mother. “It’s a long drive to the next gas station.”

”Now I remember what happened!” exclaimed Troll Daddy. “I was late getting up this morning! I didn’t have time to go to the gas station and then I completely forgot about it on the way home.”

Troll Daddy was embarrassed about the fact that he had forgotten to get gas so, he made sure the car was always filled with gas, from that day on.

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