Forgotten Toys

“Okay Troll Brother and Troll Sister,” said Troll Mother, one rainy summer day. ”Today we are going to clean out the attic.”

”Oh Troll Mother,” said Troll Brother. ”Do we have to clean it today?”

”Yeah,” said Troll Sister. ”Can’t we do it tomorrow?”

”No,” said Troll Mother. ”Today is a good day to do it, because it is raining. You can’t go outside to play in the rain!”

“Oh I guess!” exclaimed Troll Sister.

”Attics are a lot of fun to clean” said Troll Mother.

”What could be fun about cleaning?” asked Troll Brother.

”Because it’s like a treasure hunt,” said Troll Mother. ”You never know what you will find. Now, come on, before Troll Baby wakes up from his nap. Troll Sister, you grab the broom and dust pan and Troll Brother, you grab the garbage bags and dusting cloth.”

”Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Sister, when Troll Mother opened the attic door. ”It is very dusty up there!”

”There are cob webs everywhere,” said Troll Brother, when Troll Mother turned the attic light on.”

”It is a bit dusty and there are a few cob webs,” said Troll Mother, but it won’t take long to clean up with the three of us here.”

“Want me to sweep?” asked Troll Sister.

”No,” said Troll Mother. ”First lets go through that pile of boxes in the corner.”

”Okay,” said Troll Sister.

“Troll Brother,” said Troll Mother. “Why don’t you pass the boxes to Troll Sister and I?”

”Okay,” said Troll Brother, picking up the first box.

”Oh look,” said Troll Mother. ”This box has our Christmas decorations in it.”

Troll Mother put that box aside while Troll Sister looked into the next box.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Troll Sister. ”This box is full of all my dollies! Look! My favourite doll, Tracy, is here.”

“Look, Troll Brother,” said Troll Mother. “This box has your toys in it.”

Troll Brother found his favourite comic book in that box.

”I was wondering where that comic book got to,” said Troll Brother.

”Oh look!” exclaimed Troll Sister, when they had reached the last box. ”This box has old pictures of Troll Mother and Troll Father!”

“Yes,” said Troll Mother, sifting through the photographs. “Here is one of Troll Daddy, playing baseball.”

“I didn’t know Troll Daddy played baseball,” said Troll Brother.

”Oh yes,” said Troll Mother. ”He was captain of the Troll Town Raiders for two seasons.”

Troll Brother and Troll Sister were amazed.

”That’s cool!” said Troll Brother.

Once all the boxes were sorted out, Troll Sister dusted while Troll Mother and Troll Brother took turns sweeping. Soon the attic was all cleaned up.

“Now that is better,” said Troll Mother.

”Gee,” said Troll Sister. “This would be a perfect bedroom.”

“Yes, it would,” said Troll Mother.

“If this was my room,” said Troll Sister. “Then Troll Baby could have my room and Troll Brother would have his own room.”

“That’s a great idea!” exclaimed Troll Mother.

That night, when Troll Daddy got home from work, the Troll Family moved Troll Sister upstairs.

“We’ll get some wallpaper and paint on the weekend for you,” said Troll Daddy, tucking Troll Sister into bed in her new bedroom.

“Thank you Troll Daddy,” said Sister.

”You’re welcome,” said Troll Daddy, kissing Troll Sister on the forehead. “Now get to sleep!”

“Yes, Troll Daddy,” said Troll Sister.

Troll Sister loved her new bedroom. It gave her some privacy when her two Troll Brothers were bothering her.

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