Troll Town Forest

”Good luck Troll dear,” said Troll Mother, to Troll Daddy, who was leaving for work on the first day at his new job.

”Thank you,” said Troll Daddy, giving Troll Mother a kiss on her cheek. ”I’ll see you tonight!!”

After his many years at working for a different pulp and paper mill, Troll Daddy was offered a very high paying job at the Troll Town Forest Pulp and Paper Mill. Troll Daddy was going to be the new safety coordinator. He was very excited about his new position.

“Welcome to Troll Town Forest Pulp and Paper Mill,” said Troll Foreman, shaking Troll Daddy’s hand. ”I sure hope you enjoy your new job.”

“I’m sure that I will,” said Troll Daddy.

Troll Daddy was very nervous on his first day, but as soon as he got to know some off the other men in the mill, he felt much more relaxed, until a few minutes later, when an alarm sounded.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Troll Foreman. ”Looks like you have your first accident to deal with.”

Troll Daddy followed Troll Foreman to the scene of the accident. Several Troll Workers were standing around Troll Worker #1.

“What happened to you?” asked Troll Daddy, while he bandaged Troll Worker #1’s hand, which was sliced open.

“My hand got caught in the machine over there,” said Troll Worker #1, pointing with his good hand to the machine.

Once Troll Daddy finished bandaging Troll Worker #1, he went over to look at the machine. Right away he noticed there was no safety guard on the machine that would have protected Troll Worker #1’s hand.

”Where is the safety guard for this machine?” Troll Daddy asked one of the Troll Workers.

“This machine never came with one,” said Troll Worker #2.

”All these machines come with safety guards,” said Troll Daddy.

”Well,” said Troll Worker #2. ”This machine never came with one. I was the one that assembled it.”

“How about safety manuals?” asked Troll Daddy. ”Where are they?”

“Safety manuals?” asked Troll Worker #3.

”You don’t have any safety manuals!” exclaimed Troll Daddy.

Troll Daddy went back to his office and wrote up his report on the accident, with the recommendation that safety manuals and proper safety training be put in place at once.

Later that day, Troll Manager came to see Troll Daddy.

”I read your report,” said Troll Manager to Troll Daddy. ”Safety training will began at once for all workers and we will put out a call for proposals, immediately to produce safety manuals for our mill..”

”Just so you know,” said Troll Daddy. “The mill I worked at before brought in a company called Claymore to produce their safety manuals. They were very efficient and they did an excellent job!”

”Well, we’ll contact them right away,” said Troll Manager. “By the way, you have done an excellent job here during your first day. Keep it up!”

”Thank you,” said Troll Daddy.

That night, Troll Daddy took the Troll Family out for dinner and told them all about his first day at work.

”Troll Manager said I am doing a good job,” said Troll Daddy.

”We are very proud of you,” said Troll Mother, kissing Troll Daddy.

”Troll Daddy good job,” clapped Troll Baby.

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