“How come you are getting all dressed up?” asked six year old, Rosie.

“I have a date tonight,” Daddy said matter-of-factly.

“A date!” exclaimed Rosie. “What am I going to do tonight, while you are having fun?”

“You, my dear, are going to be a good little girl for your babysitter,” said Daddy.

“A babysitter!” exclaimed Rosie. “Oh, this should be lots of fun!”

“Now Rosie,” said Daddy, sternly. “You behave yourself.”

“I don’t like babysitters,” said Rosie. “They are mean.”

“Where did you hear that from?” asked Daddy. “You’ve never had a babysitter before.”

“My friend Johnny told me about his babysitter,” said Rosie. “He said that his babysitter ties him up.”

“I bet she feels that way about Johnny,” said Daddy. “However, I don’t think that Johnny’s babysitter ties him up. You know how Johnny behaves.”

“Daddy!” exclaimed Rosie. “I thought you liked Johnny.”

“I do like Johnny, but he can be a handful sometimes,” said Daddy.

“Well, I still don’t like babysitters,” said Rosie, defiantly.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be saying that when your babysitter comes,” said Daddy. “You will love her.”

“Is she young or old?” asked Rosie. “Johnny says that young babysitters have the music up way too loud and that you can never get to sleep and old babysitters put you to bed way too early.”

“Sounds like Johnny is an expert on babysitters,” said Daddy.

“He is,” said Rosie. “He has a new babysitter every week.”

“Oh he wears them out that quickly does he?” asked Daddy.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Rosie, go answer the door and let your babysitter in,” said Daddy.

Rosie answered the door. There was no babysitter at the door at all, just Rosie’s grandmother.

“Grandma!” exclaimed Rosie. “What are you doing here? I’m waiting for my babysitter to come.”

“Rosie!” exclaimed Daddy. “Let your grandmother in the door.”

“My son, you look handsome,” said grandmother as she kissed Rosie’s dad on the cheek.

“Now, Rosie is to be bed at seven,” said Daddy.

“You just run along,” said Grandmother. “Rosie and I can take care of ourselves.”

“You are my babysitter,” said Rosie.

“Yes dear, I am,” said Grandmother.

“Grandma,” said Rosie. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you?”

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