Sweet Pea

“Hi there!” exclaimed Sweet Pea.

“Oh hello, Sweet Pea,” said Mr. Smith, her neighbour. “How are things today?”

“Okay,” said Sweet Pea.

“Just okay,” said Mr. Smith. “What happened to great and excellent?”

“Oh,” said Sweet Pea. “That was yesterday.”

“I see,” said Mr. Smith. “Well what happened between yesterday and today?”

“I got into trouble,” said Sweet Pea.

“Oh oh,” said Mr. Smith. “No wonder you are a little down today. What did you do?”

“Mommy asked me to do the dishes last night after supper,” said Sweet Pea. “But I forgot to do them.”

“I see,” said Mr. Smith. “Your Mommy needs a lot of help right now, what with the new baby coming and everything?”

“But I just forgot,” said Sweet Pea. “I meant to do them.”

“Well,” said Mr. Smith. “I have an idea.”

“What is your idea?” asked Sweet Pea.

“When you go home this afternoon do the dishes right away,” said Mr. Smith. “I guarantee your Mommy won’t be mad at you for long after you do that.”

“Okay,” said Sweet Pea. “I’ll do that. Thanks, Mr. Smith.”

“You are welcome,” said Mr. Smith, winking at her. “Now don’t forget, do them as soon as you get in the door.”

“Okay,” said Sweet Pea. “I will.”

Sweet Pea went straight home and did the dishes as soon as she got home.

“Oh thank you,” said Mommy, crying. “Thank you so much! Mommy is so tired and I really appreciate your helping me out.”

“Well,” said Mr. Smith, the next day.

“Mommy was very happy,” said Sweet Pea, smiling. “I think I will do that again.”

Sweet Pea found life so much easier at home when she helped her Mommy out without even being asked. She was a big help to Mommy and Mommy often times brought home Sweet Pea an extra treat from the grocery store when she went shopping.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to help our your parents without being told.
  • Example: Sweet Pea forgot to do the dishes but her neighbour, Mr. Smith, gave her a very good idea.

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