Queen V. and the Faded Rainbow

“Another rainy Victoria Day weekend,” said Queen V., standing at the window.

“Yes,” said Paul, Queen V.’s husband. “Look at the rainbow!”

“There is something wrong with that rainbow,” said Queen V. “It doesn’t look as bright as it should be.”

“You are right,” said Paul, taking a close look. “This is not good.”

“It is a disaster,” said Queen V. “We have to fix this. We can’t have a faded rainbow.”

“How can we fix it?” asked Paul.

“We need to go find the end of the rainbow,” said Queen V., grabbing her rubber boots.

Paul put his rubber boots on as well and followed Queen V.

“Let’s go this way,” said Queen V., seeing a pathway.

Queen V. and Paul ran along the pathway until they came to a clearing.

“Look!” pointed Queen V., seeing a ladybug with a can of red paint.

“Dear Ladybug, your red paint is as vibrant as your spirit. May we use it to restore the rainbow’s brilliance?” asked Queen V.

“Of course, Queen V.! I would be honored to lend my color to the rainbow,” said the ladybug, handing over the paint can.

“I think we are going to need the wheelbarrow,” said Queen V.

“I will go get it,” said Paul. “Wait right here.”

Paul hurried to get the wheelbarrow. Meanwhile, Queen V. saw a rabbit. The rabbit was carrying a can of orange paint.

“Little Rabbit, your orange paint shines like the sun kissed carrots that I know you love. Could we borrow it for the rainbow?” Queen V. asked.

“Oh, yes! Fixing a  faded rainbow is of utmost importance!” said the rabbit, giving Queen V. the can of orange paint.

Queen V. and Paul walked up the pathway and they came across a scarecrow with a can of yellow paint.

“Mr. Scarecrow, your yellow paint is as cheerful as the sunflowers around you. May we use it to fix the faded rainbow?” asked Queen V.

The scarecrow, with a wide grin stitched across his face, nodded eagerly. “Why, I’d be delighted! A rainbow isn’t complete without a touch of golden sun,” he said, tipping his hat and handing over the yellow paint.

As they continued their journey, they encountered a turtle with a can of green paint.

“Mr. Turtle, your green paint reminds us of the meadows. Would you help us fix the faded rainbow?” Queen V. asked.

“Slow and steady, I’ll bring the green back to the rainbow!” said the turtle, handing over the can with a smile.

Further along, they found a blue jay fluttering around with a can of blue paint.

“Mr. Blue Jay, your blue is as deep as the ocean. Can we use it to fix the faded rainbow?” Paul asked.

“Let’s get that faded rainbow fixed!” chirped the blue jay, passing the can to them.

In a nearby field, they spotted an indigo butterfly, carrying a can of indigo paint.

“Graceful Butterfly, your indigo is as mysterious as the twilight. Will you allow us to use that can of paint to fix the faded rainbow?” Queen V. asked.

“With a flutter and a swirl, I’ll add my hue to the faded rainbow!” said the butterfly, contributing her can to the noble cause.

Finally, they came across a violet that was holding a can of violet paint.

“Can we use your violet paint to fix the faded rainbow?” asked Queen V.

“Thank you, lovely violet, for completing our rainbow,” said Paul, collecting the last can of paint.

With all the colors gathered, Queen V. and Paul arranged the cans in order, and the rainbow absorbed the vibrant hues, shining brightly once again.

“Let’s celebrate,” said Paul.

“Good idea,” said Queen V., taking Paul by the hand and doing a magical dance at the foot of the newly restored rainbow.


Moral of this Story:

  • Unity and cooperation bring color to our world.
  • Example: Queen V. and her devoted husband, Paul, embarked on a quest to restore the faded rainbow. Each animal and plant they encountered willingly contributed their unique color, demonstrating the power of collaboration.

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