Travelling Across Canada

“It is Canada Day next week,” said Travelin’ Rick’s boss, Bob. “I have an assignment for you.”

“Okay,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I am excited!”

“That is what I like to hear,” said Bob. “You are going to travel across Canada. We will start you out in Ontario and you should reach Vancouver, BC on Canada Day.”

“Wonderful,” said Travelin’ Rick. “What will I be reporting back to you about?”

“We are working on a piece about the pandemic and Canada Day,” explained Bob. “We want to know what people are doing for Canada Day in each of the provinces you visit.

“Okay,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“Pack your bag,” said Bob. “You can start your travels as soon as you are packed.”

“What about New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and New¬≠foundland and Labrador?” asked Travelin’ Rick.

“We have someone already working those provinces,” said Bob. “We also have someone doing

Nunavut, Yukon and North West Territories.”

“That sounds good,” said Travelin’ Rick.

Travelin’ Rick packed his bags and he started his journey west on Highway 7 in Eastern Ontario. He drove for about an hour and then he thought he would stop and have a good meal. There was a little diner on the side of the highway so Travelin’ Rick stopped there.

“I would like the meatloaf,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“I am sorry,” said the waitress. “All we have are pancakes.”

“Well, I guess if that is all you have,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Then I’ll have an order of pancakes.”

“Good choice,” said the waitress.

“So what will you be doing here to celebrate Canada Day?” asked Travelin’ Rick.

“Normally I would meet up with friends and we would have a bonfire and sing songs,” said the waitress. “However, that isn’t going to happen this year because of the pandemic. Everyone I know is scared.”

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick. “That pandemic has changed a lot of things.”

“It sure has,” said the waitress, bringing Travelin’ Rick his plate of pancakes.

“Thank you,” said Travelin’ Rick.

Travelin’ Rick took the jug of maple syrup from the table and smothered the pancakes with it.

“Oh please use more syrup than that,” Travelin’ Rick heard, coming from the pancake on the top of the pile. “It has barely soaked my hat. I am Pancake Man and I need as much syrup as you can.”

“Pancake Man!” exclaimed Travelin’ Rick, laughing. “You are funny!”

“I am a true Canadian symbol,” said Pancake Man, dancing on the top of the pile of pancakes. “I need a lot of syrup to keep me nimble.”

“So what are you doing here?” asked Travelin’ Rick, as he poured the maple syrup on thick.

“I am hoping to find out what Canadians do all day,” said Pancake Man. “Now is the time to have your say.”

“I usually travel around,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I write stories about my adventures and what Canadians do. Right now, I am on an assignment to find out what Canadians are doing for Canada Day. I will be driving west from here. I should be in Vancouver by July 1st, Canada Day.”

“That sounds like a jolly ole trip,” said Pancake Man. “I will now take a dip. Maple syrup delight, all for me tonight.”

Travelin’ Rick said goodbye to Pancake Man and he went on his merry way. He did make it to Vancouver the day before Canada Day.

“The story for this Canada Day was pretty much the same from one province to the next,” said Travelin’ Rick to Bob on the phone from Vancouver. “People are scared and it is because of the pandemic. There won’t be a lot going on here on Canada Day.”

“Good,” said Bob.” We did think that but, we wanted to make sure. Goo job on your report. Happy Canada Day!”

“Happy Canada to you as well!” exclaimed Travelin’ Rick.

Travelin’ Rick spent Canada Day in Vancouver. They did have a firework display but there weren’t a lot of people in attendance.

“It just isn’t the same old Canada Day,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Canada Day 2020 will not be the same because of the pandemic.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick was asked to do a report on what people are doing in different provinces of Canada for Canada Day. He found a lot of people didn’t have plans and that is because of the pandemic.

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