Working on Father’s Day

“Yes Mr. Stevens,” said Daddy Parker to his boss, on Friday evening just as he was getting into his truck to go home. “I can work on Sunday.” 

“Wonderful,” said Mr. Stevens. “I really need you. The weather is supposed to be nice so we should be able to get the concrete poured.” 

“I will be there,” said Daddy Parker. 

Daddy Parker got home and Delores, his wife, was speaking to someone on the phone. It was his boss, Mr. Stevens. 

“Yes Mr. Stevens,” said Delores. “This coming Sunday is Father’s Day.” 

“Oh dear,” thought Daddy Parker, knowing he would be in so much trouble with his family for agreeing to work on Father’s Day. “However, in my defense, I did forget Father’s Day was this Sunday.” 

“Thank you Mr. Stevens,” said Delores, hanging up the phone. “I will tell him.” 

“Tell me what?” asked Daddy Parker. 

“Your boss got himself home and told his wife that he asked you to work this Sunday. He forgot this Sunday was Father’s Day,” explained Delores. “His wife told him it was unfair to ask you to work on Father’s Day and the least he could do is pay for a Father’s Day meal for our whole family.” 

“We can’t accept that” said Daddy Parker. “To tell the truth, I forgot it was Father’s Day too.” 

“We have no choice,” said Delores. “Mrs. Stevens would have it no other way.” 

“Oh okay,” laughed Daddy Parker. “I think if we don’t go Mr. Stevens will be in the dog house.” 

“She made him make reservations for us at that new Italian restaurant,” said Delores. 

“That place is very expensive,” said Daddy Parker. 

“It is,” said Delores. “We are instructed to enjoy ourselves and order dessert too.” 

“That is really nice of them,” said Daddy Parker. 

Daddy Parker called Mrs. Stevens and explained that she was being very gracious. He tried to cancel but like Delores said, Mrs. Stevens would have no part of that. She insisted they have a good family meal together on Father’s Day.  

The Parker family had a wonderful meal, topped off with ice-cream sundaes for dessert all compliments of the Stevens family. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t mess with the bosses wife.
  • Example: Daddy Parker’s boss asked him to work Father’s Day and his wife was not happy, so she insisted the Parker family have a Father’s Day meal on them.

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