Father’s Day Surprise

Daddy Parker woke up on Father’s Day morning and found it strange there was no noise. With three young children, there is always noise. 

“I will go downstairs and see what is going on,” said Daddy Parker. 

Daddy Parker put on his robe and slippers and he went downstairs to the kitchen. There was nobody there. He walked into the living room and still nobody. He was about to walk into the hallway but something caught his eye.  

On the tv stand, he saw a huge red bow and sitting in place of the television was a huge, brand new big screen tv. 

“Wow!” exclaimed Daddy Parker. “What is going on?” 

“Surprise!” exclaimed his wife, Delores and his three children, Jason, Annie and Jeremy, who were hiding behind  the couch and lounge chair. “Happy Father’s Day!” 

“This is amazing,” said Daddy Parker. “Thank you so much!” 

“Let’s watch a movie,” said Annie. 

“How about after I take my beautiful family out for breakfast?” asked Daddy Parker. 

“Deal!” said shouted the children. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to spoil father on Father’s Day.
  • Example: Daddy Parker was surprised when he found a brand new big screen tv in his living room on Father’s Day.

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