The Golden Leaf

Ant was walking through a field of freshly grown grass. He saw something that glittered in the grass so he went to see what it was. To his surprise, he found a golden leaf. 

“This is such a beautiful leaf,” said Ant. “I bet it belongs to someone.” 

Ant picked up the leaf in his mouth. He carried it through the field with his head held high. 

“I feel like royalty,” said Ant. “I have to find out who this leaf belongs to.” 

Ant walked along the edge of the field. Every time he saw someone, he would stop and ask them if they knew who the leaf belonged to. 

“I found this beautiful golden leaf,” said Ant, when he came across Ladybug. “Do you know who this gold leaf belongs to?” 

“I have heard that it belongs to Golden Flower,” said Ladybug. 

“Where do I find Golden Flower?” asked Ant. “I would love to return this leaf to its owner.” 

“You will find Golden Flower in the middle of the field,” said Ladybug. “Would you like me to take it to her?” 

“I would rather take it to her myself,” said Ant. 

“I see,” said Ladybug. “Well, good luck with your journey.” 

It sounded to Ant that Lady Bug’s feelings were hurt. Ant knew Ladybug was kind and trustworthy and he certainly didn’t want to hurt her feelings. 

“You can come with me,” said Ant. 

“I would love to,” said Ladybug. 

Ant and Ladybug walked through the field toward the center of it. They saw something glowing up ahead. They went to see what it was. 

“That is Golden Flower,” said Ladybug. “She is a very special flower.” 

“What is so special about her?” asked Ant. 

“She may not look it right now,” said Ladybug. “But, she is going to turn into the most beautiful flower the world has ever seen” 

“I can’t wait to see her,” said Ant. 

Ant and Ladybug walked closer and closer to where to where Golden Flower stood. They saw there were bright sparkly lights all around her. 

“I see you have found my golden leaf,” said Golden Flower, seeing Ant and Ladybug approach her. 

“Yes,” said Ant. “I found it laying in the tall grass at the edge of the field.” 

Ant handed Golden Flower the golden leaf and right before their eyes, Golden Flower bloomed into the most beautiful pinkish and purplish flower they had ever seen. 

“Thank you,” said Golden Flower. “I needed my golden leaf back so that I could bloom. You were so kind and thoughtful. What can I do for you in return?” 

“Just stay as beautiful as you are,” said Ant. “You have certainly brightened up my life.” 

“I agree,” said Ladybug. “I had heard that you are beautiful but I never would have believed just how beautiful, until I saw you just now.” 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to return something valuable to it’s rightful owner.
  • Example: Golden Flower was grateful to Ant for returning her golden leaf to her.

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