Paula and her partner, Frank had just started their shift as paramedics when they received a call that an elderly man had fallen. They rushed to the address they were given.

“Sir,” said Paula the Paramedic, when she entered the elderly man’s residence. “My name is Paula. This is my partner, Frank. We are paramedics. We are here to help you.”

Paula saw the elderly man was face down on the floor. He seemed responsive and wasn’t in any obvious pain. Frank helped her roll the man over onto his back.

“Mr. Gregory,” said Paula, instantly recognizing the man as being her old neighbour. “Are you okay?”

“Paula,” said Mr. Gregory, recognizing her. “I am so glad it is you. It is embarrassing that I fell.”

“You have no reason to feel embarrassed,” said Paula.

“Do you two know each other?” asked Frank, while he took Mr. Gregory’s vitals.

“Mr. Gregory used to live in the house beside me,” explained Paula. “He was my neighbour. He moved away after his wife died.”

“You are in good hands,” said Frank. “Paula is one of our best.”

“Yes, she certainly is,” said Mr. Gregory.

“It appears that you haven’t hurt yourself,” said Paula, as she and Frank helped Mr. Gregory to sit up.

“That is a relief,” said Mr. Gregory.

“I am going to stop by periodically though to make sure you are okay,” said Paula. “That is, if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind at all,” said Mr. Gregory. “I miss our long talks that we used to have.”

“I do too,” said Paula.

Paula made it a point to stop by every night after work to make sure Mr. Gregory was fine. He was always happy to see her. On the nights her children were with her ex-husband she would stay and talk to Mr. Gregory for hours. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Always care for your elderly neighbours.
  • Example: Paula the Paramedic cares deeply for her old neighbour, Mr. Gregory.
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