Unlucky Rainy Day

“Today is Friday the 13th,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus as he woke up and saw the calendar that he had hanging on his wall. “I think I am going to stay inside today. I don’t want any bad luck.”

Unlucky Uncle Angus seems to always have bad luck on Friday the 13th. He would just like Friday the 13th to be a normal day like every other day.

“It does look like a beautiful day out there,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, looking out his kitchen window. “I wonder if I should go out today. It would be nice to get some of my running around done.”

The more Unlucky Uncle Ungus thought about it, the more convinced he was that he wanted to go out. After he was finished breakfast, that was exactly what he did.

“Oh dear,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus as he was on walking into town. “Those clouds weren’t there a minute ago. It now looks like it is going to rain. Why didn’t I just stay home?”

Unlucky Uncle Angus turned around and started walking back home. The rain came down hard and Unlucky Uncle Ungus was drenched by the time he got home.

“Another typical Friday the 13th for me,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, drying himself off.


Moral of this Story:

  • For some people, Friday the 13th can seem like it is a bad luck day.
  • Example: Unlucky Uncle Ungus decided it was a nice day outside on Friday the 13th and he went outside. However, it started to rain and he got soaked.

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