A Golden Snowflake Moment

It was snowing heavily and Joey, a little finch, was having a very hard time trying to get in out of the weather.

“I guess I should have paid more attention to the weather,” cried Joey. “I thought I would have more time. That storm came pretty quick.”

Joey clung to the branch he was on. The branch was bare because the leaves had been blown off it months ago.

“If only there was one leaf left on this branch,” said Joey. “I would get a little protection from this cold wind.”

Joey knew he couldn’t last on that branch forever. He also knew he was going to need a miracle to survive.

“I am freezing,” said Joey, shivering.

Joey saw a bright light coming straight toward him. Then, as the light came closer, he saw a huge giant snowflake form. The bright light turned golden and so did everything around it.

“You are Golden Snowflake,” said Joey, who had heard about this strange snowflake. “Are you my miracle?”

“Yes,” said Golden Snowflake. “I am your miracle. I am here to help you get away from this storm.”

“Thank you,” said Joey.

Golden Snowflake was able to stop the strong winds from blowing in enough time to give Joey a chance to get inside out of the weather.

“Thank you,” said Joey. “I am so grateful to you. You saved me from this nasty storm.”

“I also gave you a set of golden wings,” said Golden Snowflake. “You can use your new golden wings to help others that find themselves in this same situation.”

“I definitely will,” said Joey. “Thank you, you are so wonderful!”

“You are welcome,” said Golden Snowflake. “I am happy I was able to help you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always help out others if you see someone stuck in a snowstorm.
  • Example: Golden Snowflake helped Joey, a little finch, because he was stranded in a snowstorm.

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