Springman – Christmas Story

“Springman,” said Lost Christmas Tree, seeing Springman bouncing towards him. “It is nice to see you. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Christmas Building this Christmas.”

“Oh, this will be the most fun ever,” said Springman. “I don’t get to go to too many places.”

“We are happy you are here with us,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I am having a problem with Christmas this year. I feel Christmas is lost to me. I have gifts for all the residents in the Christmas Building but I don’t feel right handing them out. I feel that some of the Storyland characters don’t know the meaning of Christmas and have not done any good deeds this past year. What does Christmas mean to you and what good deed have you done?”

“Christmas, to me, is all about helping my family,” said Springman. “My family mean more to me than anything else. I help my parents out around the house, doing odd jobs for them. I have been going around collecting any screws, springs, nails, nuts and bolts just in case there is one that turns out to be alive, like me. People are getting to know that I have a huge collection of all these odd items. They have been coming to me whenever they need a mismatched one. I have helped out lots of people so far.”

“That is amazing,” said Lost Christmas Tree, giving Springman his Christmas gift. “Merry Christmas”

“Thank you. “‘exclaimed Springman. “Merry Christmas to you too!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to collect odd items.
  • Example: Springman collects screws, springs, nails, nuts and bolts.

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