A Sprinkly Christmas

“Mother,” said Sprinkles, seeing her mother sitting at the kitchen table, staring into her coffee cup. “Are you okay?”

“I am just a bit worried,” said Mother. “Money is a little tighter than normal with me getting laid off from work over the holidays. It is going to be a bleak Christmas.”

“I have told you that we can sell the sprinkles on my head,” said Sprinkles. “I do have an endless supply of them.”

Sprinkles has a very rare disorder. Instead of hair, she has candy sprinkles. As soon as some are taken off, more immediately grow back.

“I don’t want to exploit you, “said Mother. “I promised that to you the day you were born.”

“Selling excess sprinkles is not exploiting me,” said Sprinkles, taking a bowl down from the cupboard and shaking the sprinkles from her head into the bowl.

As always, more sprinkles grew back immediately. Sprinkles filled ten large mixing bowls full of her colourful sprinkles.

“I suppose we can’t waste these,” said Mother, smiling. “Thank you!”

“Merry Christmas Mother,” laughed Sprinkles, giving her mother a kiss.

“Merry Christmas to you,” said Mother, giving Sprinkles a huge hug.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to think of alternatives when money is low.
  • Example: Mother was worried about the fact she got laid off for the holidays but Sprinkles told her she could sell her sprinkles.

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