Remembrance Day

“You don’t look very well,” said Mary, fixing Veteran Phil’s tie on his military uniform. “Maybe you should stay home today.”

“I am coming down with something,” said Veteran Phil. “However, it is Remembrance Day. I have to go to the Remembrance Day service. I can’t let my fallen troops down.”

Mary knew no matter what she said to her husband, he would be at the Remembrance Day service no matter what. He was loyal to the military and to those young men that fought beside him but never came home.

Veteran Phil very rarely talked about those days. Mary knew though, that he thought about his years in the war almost every day. She saw the pain behind his eyes and in his heart.

Veteran Phil stood proudly at the Remembrance Day service. He listened intently to every word that was said.  He remembered  each and every young man he served with. He remembered the promises he made to each of them as their eyes closed for the very last time. He remembered how he told them their lives lost would not be in vain.

He remembered and as long as he lived, he would never forget.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to remember those fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day.
  • Example: Veteran Phil remembered the fallen soldiers that he fought with on Remembrance Day.

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