Ready for Jesse’s Boxing Day

“Arrow!” shouted Cutie from the living room. “Wake up! We have to get ready for Jesse’s boxing match.”

“Oh yes!” said Arrow, half asleep and not really paying attention to what Cutie just said.

“Today is boxing day,” said Cutie.

Arrow looked over at the calendar on the wall. He was confused. This was March. Boxing Day is in December.

“Not that Boxing Day,” said Cutie, knowing what Arrow was thinking. “Jesse’s Boxing Day.”

“Oh yes,” said Arrow. “Of course.”

Arrow went into the hallway and he pulled a box out and dragged it with his teeth into the living room.

“What is that for?” asked Cutie.

Arrow climbed into the box.

“I am ready for Jesse’s boxing match,” said Arrow.

Cutie went into the hallway and dragged another box into the living room. She then climbed up on top of it.

“I’m ready for Jesse’s boxing match too,” said Cutie.

“We have a problem though,” said Arrow. “One of us needs to turn the radio on. We have to listen to Jesse and JD.”

Luckily for Arrow and Cutie, Mommy just happened to walk by the living room.

“Why aren’t you two listening to CJAY 92 on the radio?” Mommy asked, turning the radio on. “Today is Jesse’s boxing match.”

She then turned the living room light on and she burst out laughing when she saw Arrow in a box and Cutie on top of a box.

“I see you two are ready,” laughed Mommy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never underestimate a cat, especially Arrow and Cutie!
  • Example: Arrow climbed in a box and Cutie climbed on top of a box to be ready for Jesse’s boxing day!

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