Field of Sunflowers

“It is a beautiful autumn day,” said Sunflower Suzie to herself after her husband, George had left for work. “I think I am going to go for a walk.”

Sunflower Suzie walked along the gravel road in front of her house. She saw a wide open field. In that field she saw two very tall and very healthy sunflower plants.

“How beautiful,” said Sunflower Suzie, admiring them.

Sunflower Suzie walked along a little further and she saw two more sunflowers. She smiled to herself because they were just as tall and just as healthy as the first two.

Sunflower Suzie continued her walk. She smiled again as she saw two more sunflower plants. Just like the others, they were also very tall and very healthy.

“It is good to see that people are taking my advice on how to grow the perfect sunflower,” said Sunflower Suzie.

Sunflower Suzie was an expert on growing sunflowers and everyone in the community had come to her for advice. What better person to get advice from, seeing that one day Sunflower Suzie woke up and found that she had been turned into a real live sunflower.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to get advice from an expert.
  • Example: Sunflower Suzie was an expert in how to grow sunflowers because she woke up one morning to find out she was a sunflower.

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