Apartment 6 – Tradition

Author’s Note – I have reached a major milestone on Storyland. This story is the 2000th story I have posted on here. Yes, you read that right! It is not 200, it is 2000!!!!

Lost Christmas Tree still had to find the apartment he was going to spend Christmas at. He saw Apartment 6 so he knocked on the door.

“Hello,” said a young woman, who answered the door. “How can I help you?”

“I am Lost Christmas Tree,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “Are you expecting a Christmas tree delivery?”

“I am Missy Big Words,” said the young woman. “Every year my father and I go out into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree, so, no, I am not expecting a Christmas tree delivery.”

“I see,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “So that would be a tradition.”

“Yes,” said Missy Big Words. “It is a tradition and tradition is a big word.”

“It is,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

“I even know what it means,” said Missy Big Words. “It is a custom or belief that happens every year. Some traditions even happen from one generation to another.”

“That is correct,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “Well it is nice to meet you but I have to find the apartment I am supposed to be spending Christmas at.”

“Good luck,” said Missy Big Words. “It was nice meeting you as well. I do hope you find the apartment you will be spending Christmas at and, who knows, maybe you will be the start of a tradition.”

“I would love that,” said Lost Christmas Tree, waving goodbye. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you as well,” said Missy Big Words.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have a tradition that you follow during the holidays.
  • Example: Missy Big Words and her father cut down a Christmas tree in the woods every year. That is their Christmas tradition.

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