Baby and the Babysitter

”What are we going to do with Baby while we are away?” asked Daddy.

”I’ve got that all figured out,” said Mommy. ”I found this great pet sitting service on the Internet. ”It’s called City Tails of San Francisco. They will come right to our house and care for Baby while we are gone. I’ve made all the arrangements with them. Linda, the woman I talked to on the telephone sounded really pleasant. She has a two year old daughter, Vita. Vita is going to come with her.”

”I feel sorry for the little girl already,” said Daddy.

”Oh stop,” said Mommy. ”Baby is a good cat.”

”Well,” said Daddy. ”I’m sure it will be okay.”

The morning of the trip arrived. Baby was a little nervous that morning because there was a lot of commotion and she knew something was up.

There was a knock at the door at around ten o’clock that morning.

”Hi my name is Linda,” said the woman at the door. ”I’m from City Tails of San Francisco.”

”It’s so nice to meet you,” said Mommy. ”Please come in.”

”And this is my daughter, Vita,” said Linda.

”It is so nice to meet you Vita,” said Mommy. ”I’m sure you and Baby will get along just great!”

“It’s nice to meet you,” said Daddy, coming into the hallway with Baby in his arms.

”Oh and this must be Baby,” cooed Linda, reaching out to pet the soft black and white cat.

”Don’t touch me,” said Baby. ”I have claws and I know how to use them.”

”A cat with an attitude,” said Linda, smiling. “I just love it!”

”What!” exclaimed Baby. ”Someone actually likes my attitude. This should be fun!”

“You run along now,” Linda said to Mommy and Daddy. ”We will be just fine.”

Baby tried everything she could to get under Linda’s skin, the moment Mommy and Daddy left the house. The first thing she tried to do was to get up onto the kitchen counter.

”Mum,” said Vita, noticing what Baby was up to. ”Baby’s trying to get into trouble.”‘

“Now luv,” said Linda, picking Baby up in her arms. “I know Mommy would never let you get on the counter.”

”She would too,” said Baby. ”Mommy loves me.”

”Yes,” said Linda. ” She does love you, but a cat on the counter, I don’t think so.”

The next thing Baby tried to do was to try to take one of Vita’s dolls away from her.

“Mum,” said Vita. “Baby is trying to get into trouble again! She’s trying to take my doll away from me!”

“Okay Baby,” said Linda. “You are going to be good or you won’t get your favourite food that Mommy told me all about. You know, salmon!”

”Oh alright,” said Baby. ”I’ll be a good cat.”

Baby was on her best behavior for the rest of Linda and Vita’s stay.

”How is Baby?” asked Mommy, two days later, on the telephone.

”She’s just fine luv,” said Linda. ”A perfect little angel.”

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