Meet Batty

Batty is a character I created in 2005. He is part of my Halloween characters. He first appeared in my Fawn and Spot stories. In the story, Batty, Fawn and Spot came across Batty while they were going for a walk one day. Batty scared Fawn when he found him. Fawn ran out of the cave as quickly as he could. He told Spot about what he had seen but he exaggerated about the size of the thing he had seen.

Despite Fawn being scared of Batty, he and Spot become good friends with Batty. I, myself, am on the fence about whether I am afraid of bats or not. They do have their good qualities such as keeping insects down but they do also have their bad qualities such as carrying rabies. I think I am about half and half on the issue of whether I like them or not.

Batty will return each Halloween with new and exciting stories. You will find Batty stories here.

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