Meet Autumn Elf

I created Autumn Elf in September 2016. He is a character I created for the Autumn Story Challenge 2016.

Autumn Elf is an orange coloured maple leaf with human qualities such as arms, feet, eyes, nose and a mouth. His younger sister, Stella, is a real person, not a maple leaf. Autumn Elf loves her very much and she loves him. Autumn Elf protects her and she protects him as well.

Autumn Elf has an adventurous side to him. He also has a mean streak to him. The one thing that Autumn Elf despises is winter. He does not like the cold weather at all.

Autumn Elf and Stella are friends with an elderly elf, Frankton. They have a lot of respect for him and they help him out as much as they are able to.

You can read Autumn Elf stories here.

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