Billy Troll and Anticipation

“Billy,” said his wife, Dianne Troll. You have to do the concert tonight. It is Valentine’s Day and your fans are waiting for you.”

“I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” said Billy. “I also don’t want you to go in labour while I’m gone.”

“I really think our baby will wait for his Daddy to be finished,” said Dianne. “Now go.”

Billy reluctantly picked up his guitar and his suitcase and headed out the door to the airport.

“Toronto!” yelled Billy into the microphone, once he stepped on stage. “It is so nice to be playing here! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Billy played several of his hit songs and the crowd went wild. He then sang his latest song, “Anticipation”. It was all about the upcoming birth of his second child.

“Anticipation is driving me wild,” sang Billy. “As I wait for you to be born. I promise you little one, your heart will never be torn.”

The crowd went wild as Billy sang his new song. He was thrilled that they loved it. During his break, he found out that Dianne just started labour.

Billy sang another set of songs and then he announced to the crowd that he had to leave.

“Dianne is in labour,” Billy announced. “I want to be with her for the birth of our second child.”

The crowd yelled for him to go and then they chanted good luck to him before he was whisked away in a limousine.

“Oh Billy,” cried Dianne, just as she was on her way to the delivery room. “This is it!”

Billy followed her and the nurses put a mask and a gown on him and instructed him to wash up.

“Congratulations!” exclaimed the doctor a few minutes later. “You are the proud parents of a little girl!”

Billy held his precious daughter and then a few minutes later, the doctor handed him a baby boy.

“Twins!” exclaimed Billy in shock.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” exclaimed Billy, laying both babies beside Dianne and giving her a kiss. You have just given me the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!”

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