“K” is for Knit

Alphabet Allie was very bored. It was a nasty winter day. She visited her friend, Kevin. Kevin was wearing an old knitted sweater.

“‘K’ is for knitted,” said Alphabet Allie. “That is a nice knitted sweater you have.”

“Thank you,” said Kevin. “It is very old. Since you are so bored, why don’t you knit me a new one?”

“‘K’ is for knit,” said Alphabet Allie. “I think I could do that. However, my kitten has my wool all tangled up in knots. I would have to get some new wool.”

“‘K’ is for kitten and also for knots,” said Kevin. “That wasn’t very kind of your kitten.”

“‘K’ is for kind,” said Alphabet Allie. “He thinks he is king of my house.”

“‘K’ is for king,” said Kevin. “Let’s go to the kiosk at the mall. They sell wool there.”

“‘K’ is for kiosk,” said Alphabet Allie. “Let’s go.”

Alphabet Allie and Kevin went to the kiosk at the mall. They bought enough wool for Alphabet Allie to knit Kevin a sweater. He was so grateful that he gave Alphabet Allie a kiss.

“‘K’ is for kiss,” said Alphabet Allie, blushing. “Thank you for the kiss.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Having a knitted sweater is something to be grateful about.
  • Example: Kevin was grateful that Alphabet Allie knitted him a sweater.

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