Scrunchie Monster Decorates the Christmas Tree

“It is almost Christmas,” said Scrunchie Monster’s 87 year old aunt, Aunt Mabel.

“I suppose it is,” said Scrunchie.

“We must get the Christmas tree set up,” said Aunt Mabel.

“Dad brought it into the house last night when he came home from work,” said Scrunchie.

“Yes,” said Aunt Mabel. “You and I should get it setup and then we can start decorating it. Would you be a dear and bring up the box of decorations from the basement? We also need the tree stand.”

“It is all in the hallway beside the tree,” said Scrunchie. “Dad asked me to bring it upstairs last night.”

“I suppose your Dad is into the Christmas spirit this year,” said Aunt Mabel. “I know I am.”

“I am too,” said Scrunchie.

“Good,” said Aunt Mabel. “Let’s get some Christmas music turned on and let’s get this tree up.”

Scrunchie took his phone out of his pocket and played some Christmas music for his aunt. Aunt Mabel started to dance. She grabbed Scrunchie’s hand and he started dancing with her.

“Oh Scrunchie!” exclaimed Aunt Mabel, watching him dance. “Is that comfortable?”

Aunt Mabel was referring to the fact that Scrunchie walks all scrunched over. He dances the same way.

“You said yourself that walking like this is more comfortable,” said Scrunchie. “Try it.”

Aunt Mabel bent over. She had her behind stuck up in the air and her head low to the ground. She started swaying her arms back and forth and she wiggled her behind.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Aunt Mabel. “This is comfortable.”

Dad came home from work and when he saw Aunt Mabel and Scrunchie dancing, he burst out laughing.

“What are you two doing?” he asked.

“We are going to decorate the tree,” said Scrunchie. “Aunt Mabel wanted some Christmas music on. Then we started dancing.”

Dad joined in and danced with them. He could never master the Scrunchie walk so he didn’t even try to dance the way Aunt Mabel and Scrunchie were dancing.

After a few minutes of dancing, Dad went out into the hallway and grabbed the Christmas tree. Scrunchie helped with bringing the stand and the box of decorations into the living room.

Scrunchie set that stand up and held it while Dad set the tree into it.

“That is one advantage to walking all scrunched up,” said Dad. “It made it so much easier to put the tree into the stand.”

Aunt Mabel and Dad strung the lights onto the tree and then they proceeded to decorate it.

“I want to help decorate the tree,” said Scrunchie, feeling left out. “But, I can’t reach the top.”

“Don’t worry,” said Aunt Mabel. “The whole bottom half needs decorating too.”

“Oh good,” said Scrunchie, feeling better.

“Just look how beautiful the tree looks,” said Aunt Mabel, when she stood back to admire it.

“It certainly is beautiful,” said Dad.

“A wonderful team effort,” said Scrunchie, proudly.

“Absolutely,” said Dad. “Now, crank up that music and let’s do some more dancing.”

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