Hug a Canadian

July 1 is a very special holiday in Canada. It is the birthday of our fine country. Canada was formed in 1867. Canada is a very beautiful country. It stretches across the northern border of the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and as far north as the Arctic Ocean, with […] Read More

Billy Troll’s Canada Day Concert

“Billy,” said Dianne. “I have great news.” “Just a sec,” said Billy. Billy was finishing up the lyrics to his new song ‘Canada’.” “Canada, I’m so proud of it,” sang Billy. “From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. From the Great Lakes to the Arctic Ocean. It is all ours to enjoy!” “Oh Billy,” said […] Read More

Polar Bear

“I’m going outside,” said Grandpa Polar Bear to his young grandson. “You stay here where it is safe.” “But Grandpa,” Polar Bear Jr. started to say. “No,” interrupted Grandpa. “Junior you stay here.” Junior saw the serious look in Grandpa’s eyebrows. He knew he could not disobey him because he knew he’d be in serious […] Read More

Spring in the Mountains

Hi everyone! This is Mountain Kid. I live in British Columbia, Canada, in the mountains. It has been a rather cold and long winter. We had quite a bit of snow this winter too. I am so looking forward to spring. I love spring and I especially love spring in the mountains. During spring, there […] Read More

Polar Bear

I love polar bears. They are big, strong and powerful and they have to be because they live in very harsh conditions in the Arctic. However, they are the sweetest and softest animals that I have ever seen and that is why I want one for my own self. I would love to touch a […] Read More

Baby Penguin

Hello everyone! I’m a baby emperor penguin. I live way down south, way down where it is freezing cold most of the year. I live in the Antarctic. Most people don’t know very much about penguins and they may think that we have an easy life. However, easy is not in our vocabulary. I hatched, […] Read More

Cold, Cold, Cold

Hi there! My name is Peter. I am a penguin. I live in the Antarctic. It is very cold where l am right now because l am standing outside. I am getting my sled ready because l am going to go for a long, long trip. I am going to go see my friend, Sammy. […] Read More

Sammy Penguin

It was a very cold day in the Antarctic. The Antarctic is located at the southern tip of the earth. Sammy Penguin woke up early on that particular day. He was very excited and couldn’t sleep very well. Today was his birthday. Mommy Penguin was in the kitchen making Sammy his favourite breakfast, fried fish. […] Read More

Travelin’ Rick Goes to Mars

“My, what terrible weather we are having,” said Travelin’ Rick, looking out his kitchen window. It was only the middle of October and yet snow was beginning to fall to the ground. “It’s too early for this,” said Travelin’ Rick, sadly. “Summer was too short this year.” Just then the phone rang. “Oh hi Bob,” […] Read More

Santa’s Castle

Hi there! I am here to share my latest adventure with you, and what an adventure it was! I arrived at the airport in the North Pole, late one evening. Snow was everywhere. Once I was firmly on the ground, I hired a dog team from an Inuit fellow. The dog team was supposed to […] Read More

A Visit to the Arctic

“Hi there boys and girls! I sure hope you are nice and warm under all those blankets. I’m not. I’m way up here in the Arctic. It’s very cold up here!” Travelin’ Rick had arrived in the Arctic about a month before. He was staying with an Inuit family. There were four members of this […] Read More