Flu Bug

The Environment Bug was at the shopping mall. He was walking from store to store trying to see what was on sale. He noticed a bug crawling around on the floor of the mall. The Environment Bug went over to the bug and took a good look at it.

“Oh my!” exclaimed the Environment Bug. “You are the Flu Bug, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said the Flu Bug, trying to get his feelers out.

“You aren’t going to stick your feelers on me,” said Environment Bug. “That would mean you are trying to give me the flu.”

“Well I am the Flu Bug,” said Flu Bug. “That is my job.”

“Why?” asked Environment Bug. “Why do I need the flu?”

“You don’t need the flu,” said Flu Bug.

“Good,” said Environment Bug. “Because I really don’t want the flu.”

“Well see you later,” said Flu Bug.

Environment Bug watched Flu Bug head toward a group of young children. He could see him trying to stick his feelers into the children. Environment Bug immediately went over to where Flu Bug was.

“Look,” said Environment Bug. “Give me the flu instead. Don’t give it to these poor little children. They don’t need the flu. Give it to me instead.”

“You sure,” said Flu Bug, almost sticking his feeler into the arm of a poor little girl.

“Yes,” said Environment Bug. “I am sure. Give me the flu instead.”

Flu Bug stuck his feeler into Environment Bug’s arm. Environment Bug noticed that Flu Bug died immediately after that.

“Good,” said Environment Bug. “At least he won’t be able to give the flu to anyone else and I’d better get out of here and get home before I give it to anyone else.”

Environment Bug was pretty sick over the next few days with the flu but he was able to get rid of it pretty quickly.

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