Back to School Safety

Hello everyone! My name is Safety Kid. I am a brand new character on the Bed Tyme Tales website and my goal is to keep children safe. With school just beginning, I thought this would be a good time to discuss back to school safety.

If you are walking to school, you should always look both ways before crossing the street. Always cross the road at a cross-walk, preferably with a crossing guard. If you are taking a bus to school, sit still on the bus and don’t leave bags, books or feet in the aisle. Someone could trip on them.

Be careful when removing your backpack from your back or putting it back on. Sometimes you could hit someone that is right behind you. I have seen this happen to many people and I have probably almost hit people, by accident, with my own backpack.

Never speak with strangers on the school property and never take rides from anyone unless your parents have authorized it. We have come to the day and age where we cannot trust strangers.

Be careful what foods you bring to school for your lunch and snacks. Some of the other children may have severe food allergies.

Be careful playing on the playground equipment. Take care when playing with the other children. Don’t push or pull the other children around.

Well, that is enough safety tips for today. I, Safety Kid, wishes you a happy school year.

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