PJ Otter

I have a pet and he’s a very special pet. My pet is an otter. His name is PJ Otter. He wears pajama’s and that is why I call him PJ Otter. PJ Otter likes to wear a different pair of pajama’s each and every day. His favourite pair are bright yellow cotton with red and blue stripes.

PJ Otter goes everywhere with me. I take him on a leash so he won’t get hurt. He doesn’t mind the leash one bit. Passers by really like PJ Otter too and like to give him a pat on his furry head.

PJ Otter’s favourite place is the park. He loves going to the park. He especially likes to play in the pool. The neighborhood children don’t seem to mind sharing their pool with PJ Otter at all because he makes them laugh with his silly antics. PJ Otter swims on his back and splashes his tail at the children as he goes by them. Children absolutely love PJ Otter.

I know I can’t keep PJ Otter forever because he does need to go back to the sea where he came from. However, I am enjoying every moment I can with him while I can.

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