Neil Creates Country and Western

Neil, a Stegasaurus, sat beside a rock with his head hung down.

“Neil,” Billy Brontosaurus called to him, as he entered his friend’s cave. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh Billy, I’m so depressed,” said Neil, sadly.

“Depressed!” exclaimed Billy. “Neil, you of all dinosaurs should have nothing to be depressed about. Look at what you have accomplished so far. You, Neil, you alone, have created this thing that we call music. You have created rock ‘n roll. You have given us beat and rhythm. Without you, we wouldn’t have rock ‘n roll.”

“That’s just it,” said Neil. “I’ve done it. I’ve created music. I’ve created rock ‘n roll! What more can I do?”

“Neil,” said Billy. “What more do you want to do? What more can you do?”

“I don’t know,” said Neil. “I just really don’t know.”

“I think that you need to get away from here for a little while,” said Billy.

“Get away!” exclaimed Neil. “Why?”

“Well, a break may put some perspective in your life,” said Billy. “A little break does everyone some good, once in awhile.”

“Where would I go?” asked Neil.

“Why don’t you just start walking until you find what you are looking for?” said Billy.

“You know something, Billy, I think you may have a point,” said Neil.

That afternoon Neil started off on his journey. He had no idea where he was going or how long he would be gone. He headed west. He just walked and walked and walked.

By early evening Neil came across a little stream. He stopped to get himself a sip of the cool clear water. It was so refreshing!

After he had his drink, he glanced around him. He saw nothing but green pastures and tall trees. He was in the country.

“Oh, I love the country,” said Neil out loud. “Especially this western country! It is the most beautiful of all.”

Neil continued his journey but his mind kept wandering back to that little stream. Something was happening in his head. He began to tap his toes to a new beat. A new rhythm was forming in his mind.

“Oh how I love the country,” Neil sang out loud. “Little streams and tall trees. Oh how I love the country, pretty flowers and green pastures!”

“That’s it!” said Neil to himself. “I’ve come up with a new type of music. This is even better than rock ‘n roll. This is country and western!”

Neil stayed in the country for a few days. He had written over a dozen songs in that short time, all of them country and western.

“There is only one problem,” said Neil to Billy, once he had returned home.

“What’s that?” asked Billy.

“Well, country and western music needs different kinds of instruments,” said Neil. “My old rock ‘n roll guitar just doesn’t cut it for this stuff.”

Neil spent the next few days looking around for some new instruments. He found an old washboard that his mother was throwing out. He tried using it, and loved the tinny sound that came from it. He also made a banjo and a harmonica out of scraps that he found around him.

“Hi Neil!” exclaimed Billy. “How is your new music coming?”

“It’s coming along just fine,” said Neil. “However, there is still something missing and I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Maybe it’s these,” said Billy, holding up an old worn out pair of blue jeans, leather boots and a leather hat.

“Hey, they are perfect!” exclaimed Neil.

Neil tried the jeans, boots and hat on.

“You look just like a cowboy,” said Billy.

“Yep, I do now, don’t I,” said Neil, happily.



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