Gabby the Gardener

“Someone has been eating all my carrots!” cried Gabby the Gardener, checking on the progress of her freshly planted crops. “I have to catch the little rascal that is doing this.”

Gabby always counts for some lose when growing her vegetables. She does have a fresh batch of carrot seedlings in her greenhouse but she doesn’t want them to disappear. She is reluctant to transplant them until she figures out what happened to the first batch.

“I am going to have to catch this culprit red-handed,” said Gabby, taking a chair and plopping it into the middle of the garden.

Gabby sat on the chair and waited. It wasn’t long before she saw a bunny stick his nose out from some tall grass beside the chair.

“So you are the rascal eating my carrots,” said Gabby.

Gabby figured the bunny would have taken off by the sight of her and the sound of her voice, but he didn’t. In fact, he followed her wherever she went.

“You are a tame little guy,” said Gabby. “And a cute one too.”

The bunny followed Gabby as she gathered up her chair and took it up to the house.

“Tell you what,” said Gabby. “No more eating my carrots and you can stay here with me.”

The bunny ended up being a companion for Gabby. He did still eat the carrots out of her garden so she just planted more to compensate for what the bunny did eat.

The bunny wiggled his ears at Gabby, making her laugh.

“Your ears are so floppy,” laughed Gabby. “I am going to name you Floppy!”

The bunny wiggled his ears again as if in approvement of his new name.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always compensate for some loss when planting a garden.
  • Example: Gabby the Gardener found a bunny that kept eating her carrots. She ended up taking the bunny in and letting him stay with her.

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