Winter Luck

“It is such a beautiful winter day,” said Peppermint Jelly. “Let’s go play!”

Spearmint and Citrus Jelly wanted to play outside. They were having a fun time until Peppermint spotted a pair of read ears poking out from behind a tree.

“There is a fox watching us,” said Peppermint Jelly. “Let’s huddle in a circle and hopefully we will be safe.”

The Winter Jellies huddled in a circle, holding onto each other’s hands. They watched as the fox approached them.

“Please leave us alone,” said Peppermint. “We don’t want to be eaten.”

The fox didn’t listen. Instead he went over to Peppermint and sniffed him.

“You are lucky,” said the fox. “I don’t like peppermint.”

The fox went over to Spearmint and sniffed him.

“You are also lucky,” said the fox. “I don’t like the flavour of spearmint, either.”

Peppermint and Spearmint were afraid for Citrus. They huddled closer to Citrus.

“Please don’t eat Citrus,” cried Spearmint. “We love her.”

The fox went over to Citrus and because Peppermint and Spearmint were both so close to Citrus, their smells mixed in with the smell of citrus and it was overpowering to the fox. The fox ran away, whimpering.

“Oh, I am so glad he didn’t eat us,” said Citrus.

“If he comes back,” said Peppermint. “We know what we need to do.”

“Yes,” said Spearmint. “We just need to huddle very close to one another.”

Thankfully the fox never did return to bother the Winter Jellies.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always stick together when your friends need you.
  • Example: Peppermint and Spearmint huddled closer to Citrus when the fox came to sniff her.

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