A Peaceful Easter

It was Easter morning in Thunder Bay, Ontario. E. Egg was walking down the street. He heard noises coming from the alley just up ahead. E. Egg froze. The noises he was hearing were people shouting.

E. Egg wished his friend, Jamie was with him. She would know what to do. Jamie always knew what to do and she always took care of him.

It was Easter morning and Jamie was spending time with her family. They were having Easter breakfast.

 “What is that noise?” Jamie asked. “It sounds like someone is shouting.”

“It is the neighbours,” said Jamie’s mother. “They have been shouting like that all morning.”

“Oh dear,” said Jamie, suddenly thinking about E. Egg and how frightened he must be because of all the shouting.

Jamie went outside and she found a very frightened E. Egg, hiding in the tall grass in a field up ahead.

“I am frightened,” said E. Egg. “Why are those people shouting?”

“The neighbours are shouting,” said Jamie. “I don’t know why but that doesn’t matter. They aren’t going to hurt you.”

“I don’t like the shouting,” said E. Egg.

“I don’t either,” said Jamie. “Come with me. I know a place where it is quiet.”

Jamie took E. Egg to a spot by the river. It was very peaceful and the best thing was that nobody was shouting.

“Now, we can have a peaceful Easter,” said E. Egg.

“We certainly can,” said Jamie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to enjoy some quiet time.
  • Example: E. Egg was grateful Jamie took him to a peaceful spot on the river so he could enjoy a peaceful Easter.

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