Easter Egg

“What is the big fuss about Easter?” asked E. Egg. “I know Easter eggs are important but how do the children get them?”

“The Easter Bunny delivers them,” said E. Egg’s best friend, Jamie.

“The Easter Bunny,” said E. Egg. “Who is that?”

“He is a very sweet bunny,” said Jamie. “All the kids love him.”

“So, he is more important than I am?” asked E. Egg.

“I think you are jealous,” said Jamie.

“I’m not jealous of a rabbit,” said E. Egg.

“I hope not,” said Jamie. “You do know that Easter eggs are just as important as the Easter Bunny.”

“Yes, of course,” said E. Egg, pumping out his chest. “I know that.”

“Good,” said Jamie. “I am glad.”

“Am I important to you?” asked E. Egg.

“Absolutely,” said Jamie. “Come here and give me a hug.”

“Be careful,” said E. Egg. “I might crack.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Easter eggs are important at Easter.
  • Example: E. Egg was a little bit jealous of the Easter Bunny.

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