Lost Winter Blanket

  1. Snow Fairy is freezing cold.
  2. Rambler Rabbit gives Snow Fairy a blanket he knitted.
  3. Snow Fairy wraps the blanket around her.
  4. Rambler Rabbit saw a hole in the blanket. He took it home, fixed it for her and brought it back.

“This is such a cold winter day,” said Snow Fairy, shivering. “The windows in my house are frosted over.”

Snow Fairy tried everything she could think of to stay warm. She made herself a cup of hot chocolate but it was so cold, it cooled down much too quickly. She tried lighting a fire in the fireplace but her fingers were much too cold.

“Oh Rambler!” exclaimed Snow Fairy, when her best friend, Rambler Rabbit showed up at her doorstep. “Thank goodness you are here.”

“I brought you something,” said Rambler, handing Snow Fairy a beautiful hand-knitted blanket.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Snow Fairy, wrapping the blanket around her. “This is going to keep me so warm. Thank you so much!”

Rambler lit the fireplace and soon it was much warmer.

“Thank you so much!” cried Snow Fairy. “I am so lucky to have you for a friend.”

Snow Fairy was much warmer now so she set the blanket down and went into the kitchen to fix Rambler a snack.

While she was in the kitchen, Rambler noticed a small tear in the blanket. He took the blanket and went home to fix it.

“Oh no!” cried Snow Fairy, noticing the blanket was missing. “Where is my new blanket?”

Snow Fairy searched the entire house. She couldn’t find the blanket anywhere. She was panicking.

“Rambler is going to be so upset,” said Snow Fairy.

Rambler showed up about an hour later with the blanket all fixed.

“Thank goodness you had the blanket,” said Snow Fairy. “I thought I lost it.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always treasure a helping friend.
  • Example: Rambler Rabbit made Snow Fairy a knitted blanket. She thought she had lost it.

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